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COAST TO COAST PALMS (CTC Palms) is a coast-to-coast, nationwide source of mobile massage services to owners of vacation rentals, hotels and vacation property managers, and now private residence!


If you wish to offer the convenience and luxury of in-house massage services for guests during their stay, CTC Palms provides multiple mobile massage therapy services from Swedish Massages to Corporate Event Massages, offering only the best, handpicked Licensed Massage Therapist professionals.


Benefits :

  • Coast to Coast Palms works with you to make our mobile massage services easy for your guests to add-on to their reservations.

  • We offer quality assurance with handpicked, experienced and insured Licensed Massage Therapists professionals.

  • Our therapists arrive to all sessions in uniform, fully prepared with all equipment including: massage table, linens and soothing sounds to set a relaxed environment.

  • Safety is our top priority next to delivering a relaxing and memorable massage experience. It is important that we take safety measures to protect both guests and therapists.

    • Guests with verifiable identification, that has signed up for massages, will receive massages.

    •  Guests receiving a massage complete a brief questionnaire via email, prior to massage, about their health in case there are any health risks the therapists need to be aware of.


Looking to build your career, gain more experience, or earn some extra cash? Join our team of professional massage therapists! We offer exciting opportunities to expand your skills, grow professionally, and enjoy the flexibility of mobile massage therapy.

JOIN US and become a valued member of our team today!

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